Seans Birthday Musical Extravaganza Signup

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Welcome to the event that is Seans Birthday Music Extravaganza!

This is quite a big thing for me as not only is it a decade year, but also, somewhat unbelievably, I shall be 40(!).
Not sure how that happened, maybe I’ve just been having too much fun.
So, what I’ve decided to do is have a reasonably big musical event and invite ‘everyone I know’ because really, it’s just as much about you as it is me. 

The event is going to be a mixture of live acoustic and live-electronic music, followed by a night of quality music from quality DJs (TBC).
A fiver will get you in and all proceeds go to supporting the struggling musicians you see below. 

The acts confirmed are:
Will McNicol:
Voted ‘Best Acoustic Guitarist’ of 2011 by Guitarist Magazine. A young man who has actually made me weep tears of joy by being very very good and playing two guitars at once. 

Kristy Clark:
Australian Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist with a voice that could melt you inside. She’s great 🙂
Music on Soundcloud
Singing on single out with Various
“You Said” video on vimeo
Live Acoustic “Here with Me”

The Hungry Hearts:
Folk/Punk with a bit of a swagger and a cheeky grin.
YouTube video I recorded at a friend birthday bash recently

The Bohemianauts:
I somewhat unexpected ended up sound engineering these guys (and gal!) in March, loved them so much I’ve asked them to play and they’ve agreed.
“Gypsy Vaudeville, Bastard Cabaret” according to their website.
A few songs about loss and heartache, hopefully even the virtual band that consists of just me, assuming I can get them all in the same place for long enough to record! 😉
Plus an A/V set, given that I’ve spent a large part of the last 10-12 years doing visuals for club nights – expect a lot of cut&paste. 

Joel Brittain:
laptop set
Talented Producer/DJ originally hailing from Florida and a very nice bloke!

Tom Gillieron:
laptop set
Sound Engineer/Mixer/Producer/DJ
He’s promised some “Weird Shit!”, but whatever it is it will undoubtedly be very very good!