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PSP a gogo!

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

So today I had not just arrive the foldable Targus IR keyboard, but also (finally!) the 8Gb Memory Stick Duo… I suppose I couldn’t completely exclude the possibility of running out of space, with m33 3.53-4 and being able to play video iso’s (not that I actually have more than one) and of course the backups of the games I’ve bought – in case I ever lost the device (just don’t go there!). Yet for flexibility it certainly beats the pants off of the iPod Touch and such devices of the 8Gb variety – decent games, music player, video player with decent size screen, homebrew for ssh/irc/text editing (via the IR keyboard!). So what now, as is often the case when the next generation size of memory cards is released, to do with the 4Gb card? Hmm… Well I could always stick it in my camera (the also Sony, DSC-T7) and whack up the picture res to the highest… Or then again keep it as a backup for the 8Gb, or just stick it in it’s holder and use it as another portable drive… Or even for more TV episodes to watch on the tube.

Pimp my psp – Downgrading to 1.5 then up to 3.1oe-a

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

Well I’ve done it finally! After a few months of umm-ing and ah-ing I’ve finally taken the plunge and flashed my beloved psp with firmware. It was surprising, well simple and ‘justWorks’ and now I have a device that not only plays the Family Guy game (required >2.81) but also homebrew (most of what I had before and some that wouldn’t previously), with the added features of fw3.1 such as support for the (available inJapan only at time of writing) camera. It all started as a 2.6 (and buying GTA: LCS as a homebrew enabler) then last year I took the plunge and flashed to 2.71 for some other game I’d bought (then using the fanjita eLoader), which have of course been progressively easier solutions. Now of course it’s a case of drop files into /psp/game150 and actually use them from the game menu, which makes much mose sense. :o) I suppose the major change with series 3 f/w is adding support for pops, Sonys PSX (original playstation) emulator. This works surprisingly well (at least with my Gran Turismo CD converted with popstation) and with the eboots off of the Interweb (‘officially’ from the ps3 store ). As for the 1.5 component, as well as being the purported ‘best’ for homebrew (portableVNC works!) it also allows ussge of ISOs… Now of course piracy is a bad bad thing and all those hours of coding should not go in vain, yet having a number of games on one memory stick (4Gb for me at the mo’) would be quite a liberating experience and would keep those UMD’s safely and unlosably (?) in their cases. It does also beg the question of is a memory stick faster than a spinning optical disk?.. Will have to check the specs! With a little help from Sony themselves regarding accessories (talkman mic, the forthcoming here but already available in Japan camera & GPS) truly the PSP can become the multimedia platform it was intended as. I read an interview with one of the top guys from Sony UK who said that yes they do watch what’s going on with the homebrew scene. So then, all we need is a decent keyboard with native support and everything else will take care of itself. Oh, and a media player that will do full-res mpeg-4…