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The final non-solution

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Just had a chat with the union rep about the bullying stuff that went
on at work.
It would appear that me actually leaving the premises, for whatever
reason, wasn’t such a good idea.
According to somewhere in the staff handbook, there are procedures in
place, such as contacting higher management or going to see occupational
health, that are in place to deal with such occurences of bullying,
victimisation and generally being very upset.
So me feeling like that walking out was the only option, would be
countered by the organisation saying that there are procedures in place
to deal with all this but that I didn’t use them.
It does seem in-a-way reasonable, yet practically, this is a lot like
“Beware of the Jaguar” (Cabinet, Basement, Hitchhikers) – or not knowing
the procedures when they’re available to you in the staff handbook is no
excuse for “leaving the building without permission”, whatever the
To be honest, there are still nights when I have trouble sleeping
because of this and it does still occasionally affect my work, so I
should find out what other options for help there may be.
In general though, the situation is better and there’s only been one
time when “Mr Angry” has reared his head and tried to be intimidating
and make me guess what he actually wants or is in fact talking about.
The up side of that is he’s going to be replaced with the impending
outsourcing – come 1st June…

I however, am exploring other options. Assuming I can find someone who has a clue.