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To whom it may concern…

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

I must say I’ve really (not!) enjoyed having to restore both my home and hosted servers from backups as you broke them so they wouldn’t even reboot, with your little irc bouncers (psybnc). I must admit that if not completely gaining root access then being able to write into /etc and the crontab on a machine that had only a single html page apache (ok with cacti for monitoring and php to run that) is quite impressive. Of course, having to spend the late nights and visiting my hosting centre to find out that the startup scripts are so royally hosed I have to replace them is something that I always look forward to (notice the scathing sarcasm) and so if I ever find who you are I will happily bring you a world of pain. I’m assuming the latvian ip address is that which you were connecting from and, for what it’s worth, I shall make the appropriate noises to your ISP. What I would really really like to know is that is it really going to be neccessary to harden every apache server in the world, just to stop you having your moments of fun?!