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Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

So today I had occasion to visit WH Smiths in Liverpool St.
I go in, down to the end to find the latest X-Men special, and this ‘security’ guard comes over and says “You have to take off your hat”, I say “Why?”, he says “Security”.
So I think “whatever”, go round to where the music magazines are, put my hat back on, pick up the latest 200AD and wander off towards the tills.
Bloke stands in front of me again, saying “I asked you to take it off”, I said again “Why?”, he says, “It’s for security. We have to see your face for the CCTV”, I say “But that’s just stupid!”.
Am flabbergasted at the apparent inanity and a bit pissed off.
Take off my furry hat again as I can’t be bothered to argue (although I’m in the mood for it), then see another 5 people with hats on my way to the tills. I bet he never asked any of them!
So basically I am being discriminated against because I’m wearing a warm furry hat. Where next? Not letting in black people because statistically they may be more likely to offend?
Not letting in eastern europeans because they may be low-paid migrant workers and not have the money?!
It’s preposterous and probably illegal in some way (if anyone knows, let me know!)
If they think that they need to see my face, then the implication is that if I’m wearing a hat that I would be more likely to be someone who would want to steal from the establishment. Is that really the impression they want to give their customers?
That you can only come in if you remove your headgear (whatever it may be), otherwise you’re likely to be a thief! I ask you! If find that very offensive.
Casting aspersions on my character indeed! I may have to demand an apology. Proper spoilt my evening that did.
Mind you, they probably thought I was a teenager too, which wouldn’t have helped either way.
Small person, big coat, big hat.
I shall look up their customer service address and complain!