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My Martini Music…

Saturday, November 25th, 2006

…as in anytime, anyplace, anywhere…
After reinstalling storey (my net-facing machine) with xubuntulast weekend, last night and today I was having another go at getting ampache (the web-based mp3 cataloguer and player) working (previously my slackware 7 install couldn’t hack it owing to rather old libraries). So now it’s running and streaming via mpd -> icecast2 (as it should!), which now means my entire mp3 collection is streamable over the Internet! How great is that!
The bit that was a bit of a stumbling block, is that in the ampache streaming preferences,m I had to choose ‘localplay type’ to ‘mpd’ and ‘type of playback’ to ‘localplay’, which then sent the mpd daemon a playlist, or however that works. The mpd daemon is configured to (shoutcast type) stream (ogg) to the icecast2 server local to that machine, so the ampache web interface then sends the user a playlist file that connects to the icecast server and all is cool and well with the world.
Before that magic step, with ‘type of playback’ still set to ‘Stream’ ampache was using apache itself to do the streaming, which is what it did in the previous versions and wasn’t what I wanted for this.
The only limitation is that because the streaming goes (be default now) via mpd, only one icecast stream is possible.
So if there were multiple users logged in, only one can use the icecast streaming at a time as only one mount point is available…
Although for broadcasting, that’s fine 🙂